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couple-house-sold-home-loanWe created this page to provide information about Ventura, California home loan possibilities. Our company, Fidelity 1st Funding, is the trusted resource for locals throughout the county, and we feel a close connection to this extraordinary community. Opportunities to explore nature abound throughout Ventura County, and this is part of the appeal. Unique points of interest include Plaza Park, Two Trees, Olivas Adobe, and the A.J. Comstock Fire Museum.

Since the quality of life is so extraordinary, real estate is very valuable in Ventura. A home loan refinance can allow you to take some cash out of your home to pay for college tuition, consolidate debts, pay medical bills, or take advantage of an investment opportunity.

Our mortgage professionals have the ability to obtain financing from multiple different lenders, so we can gain an understanding of your situation, explain your options to you, and connect you with the home refinance loan that is right for you.

Home refinance in Ventura, CAPlus, you do not have to bring a perfect credit record to the table to get a Ventura, California home refinance loan through our company. Even if your score is in the 500s, we may be able to connect you with the financing you need at a reasonable interest rate.

Ventura, CA Low Credit Home Loan Specialists

Speaking of credit, if you are interested in buying a home as a person with a credit score that is not off the charts, home ownership may not be out of reach. You can also mix in the fact that you don’t necessarily need a huge down payment to obtain a mortgage.

One way to go about it would be to apply for an FHA loan, and this is an area of expertise for our company. You can get an FHA loan with a down payment that is as low as 3.5 percent, and if you put down this amount, the minimum credit score is 580 at the time of this writing. (The exact parameters are subject to change.) If you have the ability to put down 10 percent or more, you could potentially obtain a VHA low credit home loan in Ventura, California with a credit score of just 500.

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As you can see, homeownership may be a very real possibility for you, and a home loan refinance can be within reach if you are looking to cash out. If you are ready to take the first step, you can get in touch with one of our Ventura, California home loan specialists by phone right now at 844-664-8048.