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You have identified the ideal resource if you are looking for a low credit home loan in San Jose, California. Our company, Fidelity 1st Funding, has been exceeding the expectations of people throughout Northern California for years, and we are in the business of making home-ownership dreams come true.

Happy couple with a home loan near San Jose, CAThis Silicon Valley hub is an extraordinary place to live on many levels, and of course, real estate is very valuable. Investing in a home can be a great idea, and this is where we can enter the picture to connect you with the ideal source of financing. If you are partial to English Town, the Silver Creek Road/Country Club Parkway area, the Miller Avenue/Rainbow Drive section, or any other part of town, we can spring into action to help you get into the neighborhood that you would like to call home.

One avenue that you can pursue to obtain a low credit home loan in San Jose would be to apply for an FHA loan. The exact credit score that you need depends on the amount of the down payment that you are willing to produce. Speaking of down payments, as we all know, the selling price of homes in this area can be rather steep, so for many, the lower the down payment, the better.

Happy Couple received low credit home loan in San Jose, CAThis is one of the nice aspects of FHA loans. At a minimum, you only have to put up 3.5 percent as a down payment. If you go with this amount, the required credit score is 580 at this time. If you are willing and able to contribute a 10 percent down payment, the minimum credit score is just 500. An FHA loan is one very viable option if you are looking for a low credit home loan, but we can discuss all possibilities when you reach out to us for assistance.

San Jose, California Home Loan Refinance

If you already own a home, and you have equity, you may want to cash out for one reason or another. Home loan refinancing is an area of specialization for our company, so we can definitely help you get the liquidity you need, even if you have a modest credit score.

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