VA Loan in Arcadia, Pasadena, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Ventura and Surrounding Areas

Are you a veteran who has retired from the duty of serving the country diligently since years? Or are you the surviving family members of an ex-army official and looking for a strong foothold to deal with the rest of your life? Whichever the case may be, if you are thinking of building a peaceful home where you can spend your life without much worry about financial burden, then VA loans can be extremely beneficial for you. Unlike any other home loans schemes, VA loans are specially designed to suit the needs of those who have lost their loved ones while serving the country or are yet to build strong financial base due to the lack of stability in life. If you are wondering from where you can get every kind of assistance for this loan in the areas like Arcadia, Pasadena, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose or Ventura, then come to us at Fidelity First Funding. We are one of the most trusted financial institutions when it comes to providing you with the best suitable loan agreement.

If you are still in a dilemma and wondering how VA loans can help you, then you must take a look at the incredible benefits of it. Take a look.

  • No Down Payment

Unlike any other loan program, for VA loans, you don’t need to make any down payment. Conventional loan programs need 5% to be paid as downpayment whereas FHA calls for 3.5% downpayment.  But for VA, you don’t have to spend a dime.

  • Flexible Credit Guidelines

Unlike other loans, if you are applying for VA, you can have the benefit of flexible credit guidelines. Given the instability of the job of serving the country, it is not possible for one to keep a track of the credit score. Keeping this in mind, VA loans are designed in a way so that you can apply for it even if you have a lower credit score.

  • Lower Interest Rates

Veterans and surviving family members have access to lower interest rates. Considering the financial uncertainty, VA loan providers will only ask for a low rate of monthly interest.

So, now as you know about the advantages, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 801.737.3533 for a free consultation.