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Fidelity 1st Funding is the premier resource for home improvement loans in Sacramento, San Jose, Ventura, Arcadia, Pasadena, and San Diego, California. Your home is your castle, and you spend a great deal of time inside your place of residence. The condition of your home is going to have very significant impact on the quality of your life. If you are not happy with your surroundings, you are not taking full advantage of the benefits of home ownership. A home improvement loan can allow you to enjoy each and every moment that you spend indoors with your family and friends.

In some cases, home remodeling will be done for aesthetic purposes to modernize the interior, and a home equity loan can certainly facilitate the transformation. One of the nice things about this type of investment is the fact that the home’s value will increase considerably after the remodeling project has been completed. In a very real sense, this uptick will offset the cost of the improvements, so it is a win-win situation all the way around.

Renovating or remodeling the interior is one type of home improvement, but there are also things that can be done outdoors. In many parts of California, the climate allows for an extended swimming season. A backyard pool can be a lot of fun for the entire family, and swimming is a great way to get low-impact aerobic exercise. A home improvement loan can be used to transform your backyard into your own private resort.

It’s nice to be able to decide on your own whether or not you would like to use a home improvement loan to upgrade your property. However, sometimes home improvements can be absolutely necessary. For example, if you have a leaky roof that needs to be repaired, or an inoperable heating and air-conditioning unit, you have no choice but to make the necessary improvements.

We make it easy for our clients to obtain home improvement loans, and you do not have to produce an 800 credit score to gain approval. Our company goes the extra mile to provide funding for people with poor to average credit ratings, and we do not charge an exorbitant rate of interest.

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